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How do you have a good mental health attitude when making and wearing your Cosplay

We posed this question on our facebook page as a Monday discussion about how to keep a good mental health attitude toward cosplay, specifically making and wearing it.

I wanted to see in the cosplay community how other people kept a positive mental health attitude with wearing their cosplay and also the build-up of making it.

It was quite interesting to read some of the answers we got during our Monday Discussion. Some had the same theme and others which were good ideas to keep to.

A constant theme was not to “Con Crunch” you cosplay to completion. For those who don’t know, Con Crunch is only having a short amount of time to finish it because you found other things to distract you.

We had comments which we similar to what Laura wrote.

Rest. Do not crunch. Because you should enjoy the process. It’s hard to force myself not to push to a very limit and burb myself out.

~Laura Johnston

A lot of the advise say, if you can plan your cosplay and have good night sleeps, you’ll have a better time at comic con. But there was one person’s advice where they said

What helps me is to vary high-stress and low-stress projects. It’s an entirely different feeling to build for personal enjoyment than for a competition.

~Yel Zamor

Don’t be afraid to wear a different costume you’ve worn before, in fact; you can change your cosplay lineup.

If it doesn’t get done then it doesn’t get done, I have plenty of other cosplays I can wear to the convention instead, and afterwards give this the time it needs to finish on a level I can be proud of

~Vicky Wood

The world won’t end if your plans have to change

~Bethan Williams

Regarding wearing it, we think a lot of people reading this will relate to this.

It’s my mask. I can hide myself behind a character. People admire it. And I love the positive energy it gives off.

~Helena Clarke

If you like to read other comments or want to add your own advice to the discussion, feel free to click on the link below or leave a comment on this post.

#Monday_Discussion : How do you have a good mental health attitude when making and wearing your Cosplay?

Posted by Food And Cosplay on Monday, November 4, 2019
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