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Photo Projects – Mera, Poison Ivy, Mera (again) and Aquaman

There have been a few projects over the last few months which I haven’t written. Now I have found the time to write and show you some of the photos I took during these projects.

*I promise that I do take photos who are not Mera or green-themed.

Poison Ivy by La Petite Spider

During the Easter period, La Petite Spider came to me with a project of shooting her Poison Ivy inspired from DC new 52 version. Her suit was was design by the incredible Brandon Gilbert.

I decided to shoot her Poison Ivy around the garden areas of Canary Wharf as some of the other gardens in London were either out of bound to me or not suited.

We really lucked out with some of the tree and the colours we saw at Canary Wharf.

You can see more of her work via this website or her social page.

Mera and Aquaman by AussieAquaman & hannah_in.wonderland

This was all a nice trip to the beach with AussieAquaman & hannah_in.wonderland, who one of these two came all the way from Australia for this shoot. *Guess which one.

We all were fans of the Aquaman film that which this was pitched to me, how could I refuse. So it was a trip down the beach, where it was nice and sandy. hey wanted photos from different parts of the film, both in civilian clothes and their superhero outfit.

We tried to recreate as many scenes from the film as possible, which was fun to do, especially the eating of the roses.

I’ve uploaded more of this work on this website, otherwise, you can follow AussieAquaman & hannah_in.wonderland on their pages.

Mera by staceyofgotham

When I got the call from Stacey that she wanted to shoot her Mera with me, it was back to Google maps to find another beach to shoot at.

Once we found a beach we both can get to, I was trying to find poses and ideas we can try out that I did didn’t in my previous project, cause I don’t like repeating the same pose as I don’t want my work to look too generic.

It was wonderful to get Stacey into the water and get some great water action shots. We did get some funny moments while she was in the water which I did capture but I’ll let Stacey share those images.

You can see more of her work via this website or her social page.

Overall I really do enjoy my time doing on-location shoots and to be recognised and paid for these photos is an honour. I look forward to the next time someone hires me for a photoshoot.

For enquires about location shoots with Eddie, please contact him via the Booking Enquiry form

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