UPDATE: Will Eddie be at MCM London in October 2019

UPDATE: Since this article was written, I can now reveal that I am going to MCM London.

A few of you have asked about if I am going and how to get a photoshoot slot from me.

Currently, the official word is “pending” at the moment. Should I be going, I already know I can only be attending the days of Saturday and Sunday of the event, taking photos of people’s cosplays.

Regarding photo shoots at the event. As previously organised, I shall have a schedule going up for people to message me via facebook messenger.  This year though, the timetable of what’s available again will only be on our website (https://foodandcosplay.org/), though links to it will still appear on our facebook and twitter.  

When the schedule is released, I’ll detail what time slots I’ll have available for each day of the two days. Each day will have a different number of slots and time periods. When the schedule goes out, I’ll need the following information sent to me in a DM message.

  • The cosplay you are wearing
  • Which day you like my services
  • What time slot


  • All requests are first come first serve basis, so it vitally important to be ready and prepared with all the information above.
  • If any of the information is missing, I’ll be requesting to resubmit to me and you’ll go back to the queue.
  • If you send me more then one option of cosplay to shoot, I’ll make the final decision which I’ll shoot. (Want to allow both first time and regulars who shoot with me a chance to have time with me)
  • I might ask a further question about your cosplay such as reference photos and progress.

If I do plan on going to MCM London, my schedule should go out 29th September at 1 pm.

Any questions about this and anything else, please do comment below or send me a message on facebook messenger (http://m.me/foodandcosplay)

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