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Feature : Robot Geisha from Ghost in the Shell by aristargirl

We sometimes think is there a limit to what people can make from films into cosplay they can wear at comic con, and this is amazing cosplay of the Geisha Robot from Ghost in the Shell.

Geisha Robot appears in both versions of the Anime and Live-Action film where they are service robots to the humans in this instant, serving drinks to customers. The Geisha during the film get hacked and become rogue and take one of the customer’s hostage.

Aristargirl has created the version where the Geisha robot has its face exposed. It’s just stunning the level of details of how the internal face looks.

You can see how aristargirl has built up the internal face of the Geisha Robot, with more and more detail in each photo.

Can’t exclude how the rest of the cosplay from the wig, Geisha outfit, just look on point and all fit together so wonderfully.

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