Caleb Widogast with Bladeycakes and Anna S

Every once in a while you end up doing a shoot that can either go horribly wrong or go very right. Bladeycakes approached me about taking some photos of her Caleb cosplay from Critical Role. Her twist was to add fire.

I have never used fire in photos before outside of photoshop but Bladeycakes turned up with flashpaper and matches and we just had a go.

Before I continue I will say that this photoshoot was done in a photography studio that my family own, under controlled conditions. Bladeycakes and out helper were both first aid trained and I have had considerable training in fire safety. Please do not attempt this type of shoot without the appropriate preparations.

We got out the smoke machine, knowing it would help diffuse the light a little bit, and played around with using extra lights or just using the flashpaper on it’s own. It turned out that once we got the hang of the flashpaper it was all we needed to light the image.

The editing process itself didn’t take much, just tweaking the colours a bit and hiding the direction of the smoke machine.

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Cosplayer and Photographer multi-classer who has been doing both since 2010. She specialises in constantly trying new things so sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. She's also part of RWBY cosplay and Critical Role Cosplay and hopes to one day take over the world. Follow her photography on Instagram Anna_S_Photography100