FFXV: Kingsglaive by Kingsglaive actors and Anna S

Every once in a while you get an opportunity that makes you sit there and wonder how your life came to this. In January I was invited to Kupocon by some friends who had made some costumes for the mo-cap and voice actors of some of the Kingslgaive from Final Fantasy XV.

Naturally I jumped at the opportunity to work with the very people who bring the characters to life, Adrian Bouchet, Liam Mulvey and Will Bowden. I was able to join Richard and Lindsey of Silverlining Cosplay as they presented the actors with costumes they had sourced and made specifically for the three actors. After many tears were shed and fans appeased I was given the opportunity to take photos of the actors in the costumes of the characters they portray in the Kingsglaive movie

About Anna

Cosplayer and Photographer multi-classer who has been doing both since 2010. She specialises in constantly trying new things so sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. She's also part of RWBY cosplay and Critical Role Cosplay and hopes to one day take over the world. Follow her photography on Instagram Anna_S_Photography100