Pika Pika

For this months theme day on our facebook day, we are after any cosplay from the Pokemon franchise. We are looking for any character or pokemon from the Game, TV Show or Film. Also alternative style, artwork, etc are welcome.

Message us your images by 23rd June 2019 to be featured, please remember to include credits to cosplayers and photographers. Please do not send more than two different sets of photos, if you do the admin will choose their favourites to be shares.

Send in your photos to our Facebook page via this link http://m.me/foodandcosplay

All photos sent in will be shared on our Facebook page for everyone to see from the weekend of 29th June.

T&C: We will not accept images that are phone selfies, screenshots or have been modified using an art or beautification app. If you send in more then two different set of photos, we will make a decision which we use. 


FNC uses their own discretion as to whether an image is suitable to be featured on this page.

About Eddie

Creator, founder of FnC and kidnappers of cosplayers at comic cons. Someone who stalks....*cough*...admire all forms of cosplay. And generally sees the fun side of things. Also have a slight obsession with Harley Quinn, only slight.