It’s ok to say no to a photographer

With comic con season about to really start in the UK, I try and remember to share this photo on our social media pages.

I share this photo to remind cosplayers that it’s ok to say to photographers no if you feel uncomfortable or they didn’t get your permission. Here is the facebook link to that photo.

Just to note, there is only one person here (second on the right) who asked permission to take photos of the cosplayer.  We were contacted this fact when this photo was initially posted.

I get the point from some cosplayers that if one photographer has got permission and the cosplayer is in position for their pose, it’s easier for everyone to get their photo and move on. But for me, if you can’t wait a few moments for the cosplayer to readjust and give you their undivided attention for a photo, I personally don’t think it’s not right to snap a photo without consent for “convenience’s” sake.

Also, asking someone their permission is a sign of respect, treating them as a person, not an object. I don’t know how long they’ve been in that one spot, if they need to go somewhere or even take a break.

I don’t take any offence if any cosplayers say no to me when I’ve asked for their photo. Cause it could be a multitude of reason why they are saying no, such as they’ve come out of a pose which is demanding on the body, they need a drinks break, they need to go somewhere, etc.

Now, I don’t want to start a war between cosplayers and photographers but if a photographer starts taking photos without your permission, just politely say “please, no photos right now” or “I’ll be happy to have photos with you if you could ask permission next time please”.  We just need to show respect for each other.

Let me know what you think 

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