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What was the 24 hour Toneagraphy livestream?

On the 2nd of February, the Toneagraphy team tried it’s most ambitious project yet – a 24 hour livestream event to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. There were two simultaneous streams running for that time; the Green Room stream, hosted on Facebook, was filled with panels, tutorials, and good ole’ personal stories about the community and the second stream, hosted on YouTube, was in the studio where it provided a constant view of the photography shoot as well as giveaways and stories there too.

Tony had an idea, and he made it happen. He was inspired by 24 hour gaming streams, but it needed to be something different. Something more us.

He allowed many of us take part in something bigger than ourselves. Something to use what we do to help other people.

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So I’ve been thinking about how to write this, and it’s going to be long So I’ll cheat and type it on my laptop 😛 On Sunday we wrapped up our 24hr livestream to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and after the timer ran over, we were blessed to have made a whopping 3.4K. Thank you so much! If you watched, participated, donated or did anything, then thank you! Without all of you, we couldn’t have done this, at all! Without Tony, we wouldn’t have all been brought together to do something amazing, so of course a huge thank you to our main man! ❤ I gotta say, the experience was incredible and so worth the lack of sleep right? I have our amazing photographers to thank: @foodandcosplay @poisoned_photography1 @simply_photography_og @manongbrandon @haukurgh and of course our leader in it all @toneagraphy And every single wonderful person who took part! I have to say that I loved everyone I got to work with! I’ll be putting up a master list on our facebook but I’ll also add the list from our Website onto our linktree. If you missed the livestream, or if you want to rewatch it, or parts of it, you can find it on our youtube channel and the green room saved to our facebook videos. You won’t have to feel like you missed out! If you go to around 12 o’clock you get to see an amazing Surprise from Tony! ❤ go check it out. At 2k we had a stretch goal that we amazingly hit – A Cosplay Calender! And at 3k a Lingerie one. All photos will be the best ones taken from the shoots. At 3k we also got to see Tony is a dress! Which is always a win! I should wrap it up, but thank you everyone who participated in all forms! I cannot wait for the photos to come out and what Toneagraphy plans to do in the future but definitely keep your eyes open! Now it’s time to go back to normal broadcasting here. Eventually when we have a proper full team photo, we'll post it 👌 But again thank you everyone! #livestream #charity #macmillancancersupport #cosplaylivestream #modellinglivestream #warrior #toneagraphy

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Manong Brandon, one of the photographers who took part in the event, was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 25. With the support from Macmillan Cancer Support and the NHS, he was able to fight and win that battle. Choosing which charity to support came easily to Tony. Macmillan Cancer Support has helped a lot of people and it was our turn to help them help more. Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the largest British charities that provides care, information and support to people affected by cancer. Cancer is life destroying and has affected a lot of us and our loved ones. Tony wanted to give something back to the community that helped and protected those in need.

In the words of Tony himself “As a community, we can do more than we do. And that is why I wanted to do this.”

Other photographers involved were Food and Cosplay, Simply Photography, and Poisoned Photography. Leading the charge were Tony and Hauk from Toneagraphy.

The full list of cosplayers and models who took part in the livestream can be found here.

The goal was to raise £1,500 for the stream. This would be nine days of care and support. Helping make such a tough time, a little easier. At the end of it all though, we had raised £3,400, more than 200% of our goal. As you can imagine, we were very proud!

Through our giveaways, talks and shenanigans, we managed to make it through the entire 24 hours and into Saturday. One giveaway, for example, was Angelundies offering a small 3D print to winners, and Vexedcosplayandprops offered props. Others giveaways included Cosxpo tickets, Kupocon tickets and an auction for a full day of tattooing. 

Cosplay by gemmathevixen

Although the idea of running a 24 hour livestream seemed a little overwhelming at first, we learned bit by bit along the way and the entire experience went far more smoothly than expected. There was always a lot of different things going on at once and keeping that to some sort of a schedule was a challenge. Somehow, we managed to do just that.

Of course, like with most things, the camera did not capture everything that went on at the shoot. It was an intense and long day, but it was filled with laughter and jokes to keep us going. Lots of inside jokes going on through the apartment and throughout the streams. Some quips about a murder house, as we were cramped but humour got us through. Without the humour, there may have been some actual murder!

Toneagraphy is definitely planning on doing another 24hr livestream in the future with details to follow over on the Toneagraphy website.

The stream was successful and a great learning experience for us. As a group, we’ve found what works and will make sure the next stream is even better. If you would like a say in which charity Toneagraphy supports next as well, check out the poll on the Toneagraphy Facebook page.

Toneagraphy’s goal is to make the community more supportive and to make a difference in the world. We hold a lot of power as a community, there are a lot of us, therefore its time to give something back to the community that embraced us all. I am honoured to have been a part of it and looking forward to what Tony will do for our community next.

Cosplay by bekki_dreamer & bekzxxcosplay

Guest Writer: Candyylocks Cosplay

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