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MCM London May Schedule

Here is Eddie’s schedule for MCM London. Please read carefully below what you need to do to claim a slot.

Review the timetable below and message Eddie on FnC facebook ( / Icon in the corner of this page) the following details.

  • Which day you wish to have photos taken
  • An available time from the table below
  • Cosplay you are planning on wearing

Eddie wishes to give everyone a chance to shoot with him, so everyone is only allowed one slot with Eddie. Should you message Eddie more than one cosplay selection or send Eddie multiple times, he will make the final decision.

Slots are “First Come, First Serve” bases. Should any details are missing, Eddie will reply back for more details and you’ll move back of the queue, so please make sure all details are included as stated above but please be as specific as possible.

Only time slot which says “Free“, are available. Should it say anything else or is blank, unfortunately, those are not made available for schedule shoot. This page will be updated as often as Eddie can, so do keep refreshing the page.

Should you miss out on getting a guaranteed slot from Eddie, do not worry. Saturday between 4pm to 5pm, he’ll be available for a quick photo at the statue in front of the Excel building.

Good luck to all who are trying to get a schedule slot from Eddie.

10:00 amAvenger GroupThe Gerudo / Breath of the Wild
10:30 amSarah / LabyrinthLatex Harley Quinn
11:00 am Quiet / MGSMara Jade
11:30 amPoison IvyRanger Jessica Rabbit
1:30 pmLUNCHLUNCHElizabeth / Bioshock
2:00 pmBen 10Akali / KDA Black Cat D.Va
2:30 pmStarfireSailor Neptune / Uranus Cruella De Vil
3:00 pmMt Lady & Midnight / BNHABelle / Beauty and the Beast Caleb / Critical Role
3:30 pmBean / DisenchantmentMax / Life is StrangeAlice in Wonderland
4:00 pmAlex and Nicolas / GangstaBREAKBlack cat and MJ
4:30 pmElizabeth / BioshockBREAK Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror
5:00 pmMariokart Peach
5:30 pmPoison Ivy
6:00 pmDark Magician Girl
6:30 pmScarlet Witch
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