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It’s My Birthday!

Today is the most wonderful day, because today it’s my birthday. So to celebrate it on this website, thought I share some of the photos I’ve taken over the past year which either means something to me, or like how the photo came out. Don’t worry if you don’t see yourself in this list, I like too many of my own photos and couldn’t fill this page up too much awesomeness.

What’s not to like about this cosplayer. Nookills, is just brilliant to work with. I love her latex designs and try and grab as many photos with her when I can. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to sort out a few locations shoots with her.

So, you might have notice I have also a thing for Mera. I have no reason why but just love the look of this character.

I know nothing of Game of Throne and when these two pitched this idea trying to get the angle and the mood for it, just came out so brilliantly. I like to believe I’m getting better at getting these types of shots. *Or more likely getting better and fluking these shots. Lol.

When Jinxy Dragon Cosplay pitched this project idea at me, I had this clear idea of how I wanted this one shot to be taken. It’s not often I get this clear of an idea of how I want a photo taken.

One of only a few time where I’ve worked in a photo studio but this was a lot of fun and a lot of learning from me. Brogan Cosplays whom I shot was was great. As you can see, shot three different sets which were great experience for me.

Comic Con Germany is one of the Comic Con events I love going back to over and over again. I meet so many different cosplayers who just bring a different style to cosplay plus also, I get to meet some of the cosplayer whom I admire.

When candyylocks came to me for this project shooting Picolo Starfire cosplay, I jumped on the internet and just had to find an American restaurant we could shoot in and we lucked out in this dinner in south London. This was so much fun, even though I mostly remember suffering from hay-fever at the time.

Viencon was just such a surprising event. I didn’t have much of an expectation but when I left, I knew I wanted to come back in 2019. I’ve got my tickets booked so hopefully will see a lot more people there.
I got some stunning photos from that event and the weather, outdoor area and swimming pools was just amazing.

This project was something I had to be involved in but boy did I have my work cut out. At the time the film hadn’t come out and there was little stock photos I could use as research. So a lot of this was making it up along the way.

This photo has a special place as this was my attempt at some sfx and taking some expert advice from chartermagic about how best to add the sfx to her photo. I was really happy how this photo came together. And this gave me the confidence about adding this level of sfx to my photos.

See, I don’t only just shoot cosplay stuff. I’ve for ages wanted to do something different and this year really want to give everything a try. Me and Mojo Jones decided to give street photography a try. You agree that the style of portrait and cosplay photography is the same but for me, it’s more about getting the pose looking good and setting as you can’t do “Superhero” poses in street photography. I really enjoyed this experience and would love to do more of this.

This project was great. I love shooting in Leake Street as I love graffiti work there. Though the cosplay of Jubilee doesn’t really work, I felt it was a good venue. But Shirak Cosplay, had the idea of going to the local arcades and shooting there as the Jubilee develops her powers there. So with a bit of charm, asked the staff if we could shoot there and got some fantastic photos.

When candyylocks came to me with another project, well how could I say no. When I first mentioned Leake Street, we both kinda apprehensive about it as I just shot there a few weeks back. But then candyylocks found this place near Uxbridge where it just suited so well. Also, we found this graffiti artist who just put down some fresh paint. When I saw the colours used, I just had to have Candyylocks in front of that wall.

Last of my projects and only been working with Kitty Stormborn Cosplay for a short time but when I saw a piece of art work which I want to recreate of Jessica Rabbit, Kitty was up for trying to get this artwork recreated. But rather then setup for one shot, we decided to get more photos of her Jessica Rabbit cosplay. Finding a jazz club which would allow us to use was a challenge. But it was worth it, as I love shooting at a real venue/area. It really makes it easier to get in the mood of character and get some great shots. Thank you to Toulouse Lautrec for allowing us to shoot at their venue.

First comic con event of 2019 was at MCM Birmingham and boy I had such a fun time. I only went up for a day but I got to catch up with so many friends and familiar faces on that day. Also got some cracking photo. That one photos of Purplemuffinz as Nighwing I just knew where I wanted to shoot her as when I was walking around the complex, the travelator was out of order and couldn’t resist those reflective panels.

I didn’t think over the past 12 months, how much I have done and grown as a photographer. I am blessed to have worked with as many people as I have and hopefully the next 12 months I get to shoot more photos with more people.

If you wish to help celebrate my birthday with me, if you would donate some money as I am looking to upgrade some of my equipment where possible. You can donate via my Ko-fi Account. Thank you in advance.

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