So is Eddie Going to MCM London in May 2019

A few of you have asked about if I am going and how to get photo shoot slot from me.

I can official now say, I am going to MCM London in May. I shall be there all three days with my camera.

Regarding photo shoots at the event. As previously organised, I shall have a schedule going up for people to message me via facebook messenger.  This year though, the actually timetable of what’s available will only be on our website (, though links to it will still appear on our facebook and twitter.  All what you need to do to claim a slot will in posted in that same article when it goes out.

I plan for the schedule to go out 28th April at 1pm *Hopefully i would have recovered from watching Endgame.

Don’t worry if you can’t scheduled yourself to view the website at that exact time. Keep an eye out on our Patreon page a few days before 28th April. I’ll have limited early access to my schedule.

Any questions about this and anything else, please do comment below or send me a message on facebook messenger (

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