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When do posts go out on FnC

Since 2019, we’ve tried to have a steady schedule of posts that go onto our various social pages and website.  So here is when posts go out on our social pages.


Every day at 7am – Daily Cosplay photos 

Every weekday at 6pm – Articles ranging from Cosplay of the Week, blogs, reviews, comic reviews, tutorials, etc


Every day at 7am and 8pm – Daily Cosplay photos

Around 5pm – Photos shares from Instagram


Every day at 5:05pm – Daily share of food or cosplay photos.


Every day at 8pm – Daily Cosplay photos

Every Tuesday at 5pm – Weekly Blog 


Every day at 7am and 10pm – Daily Cosplay photos 

Every weekday at 9am – Cosplay news article 

Every weekday at noon – Monday Discussion, Past FnC Article, OnlyInCosplay, Patreon Post, Cosplay’s we Like

Every weekday at 6pm – Website article

Between Facebook and Twitter, we will do some random share of cosplay we find around the world.

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