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Captain Marvel review

Captain Marvel (2019)

Greetings and salutations to my awesome geeky readers, my apologies as I have away with personal goals that I was achieving. But I am back, and I’m back with my first review of 2019 and its the final stop on the road to End Game, Captain Marvel.

Brie Larson in Captain Marvel (2019)

Captain Marvel focuses around Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, currently known as “Vers” working for the Kree in the middle of a war between the Kree and the Skrull, the latter being a race of aliens with the ability to change their physical appearance to look like others that they have seen. Unfortunately Carol ends up stranded on Earth, and begins to find out more about her past and her links to Earth. This includes interactions with Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury, Lashana Lynch’s Maria Rambeau and Ben Mendelsohn’s Skrull commander Talos and Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg making his way to Earth with his team to end the conflict.

Djimon Hounsou, Brie Larson, Rune Temte, Gemma Chan, and Algenis Perez Soto in Captain Marvel (2019)

The movie I felt was a really good movie, now I personally think it was not the best movie Marvel have made, definitely not, but there are so many positives. The performances were really good by all that were mentioned above. I felt that considering this is Captain Marvel’s first movie, when it comes to the theory and mind set, they were very minimal in showing Brie Larson’s efficiency with her power set, this makes me feel that they are allowing that time jump between this and Endgame to give the character a chance to show off so much more in Endgame and future movies. Another thing to mention is that this is the first movie released since the tragic death of Stan Lee, so a very touching tribute appears in this movie which pays loving homage to the legend of Marvel comics.

Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg in Captain Marvel (2019)

The movie has some amazing visuals as would be expected by a Marvel movie and the soundtrack worked really well to set up the idea of a different time frame and also framing certain scenes. Unfortunately this movie does fall to certain problems that can not be missed, one being that it creates a huge plot hole that does not answer an initial question set out by the movie, but further cements the plot hole. It also takes certain points from past movies that could have led to an amazing tale but gets wasted on a silly gag.

Brie Larson and Lashana Lynch in Captain Marvel (2019)

What this movie has for it, is the very real and very big presence of female empowerment. This movie is most definitely a huge point for all female children to enjoy superhero movies which will hopefully pave the way for future female led movies, like Black Widow movie, along with other characters that would benefit from a movie, like a She-Hulk movie or a Catwoman movie that is actually good…

Captain Marvel (2019)

Going back to the movie, the female presence was definitely the best part of this movie. Even though there were male characters, they did not diminish the female presence in this movie. What I also loved, is that compared to other female led movies, Wonder Woman being a prime example, where yes, she is one of the most powerful beings, its fair to say that some of her motivations from her movie were spurned on by a love at first sight trope, where as Carol Danvers’ motivations seem to be centered around personal growth and determination.

Brie Larson in Captain Marvel (2019)

Related to cosplay, I feel like this movie adds to the path that movies like Wonder Woman and Tomb Raider have started. Within cinema there is the trope that the women are always the ones in the background, in the same way that in cosplay, there is a stigma to women that they may not be as talented, especially if they have a certain body type. These types of movies are one of many social outlets that are starting to give women in the modern world to stand up and be counted. Captain Marvel gives those little girls in the cinema the chance to feel powerful and think they are the best, as most women are. I could lose count the amount of talented cosplayers there are who deserve more than their fair share of mention, names like Gingersnap, Twisted Reality cosplay, Kittystormborn cosplay, Summer Chan Cosplay, Noxu Cosplays, Mojo Jones, and that is only naming a few. It’s brilliant to see more women stand up and do amazing work and I can’t wait to see more amazing work in the future.

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11 years in the making, over 20 movies and it finally comes down to this. We’re in the endgame now. And boy….was it a hell of an endgame. Now obviously I will try to make this a spoiler free review, but this is a hell of a movie to try and unpack without going too specific so I promise I will do my best. Now the best way to summarise this movie is that everyone that’s left after the snap happens is trying to find their way through this new world that has been created by Thanos, that is until someone comes up with an idea that could change everything…….yeah that’s vague enough not spoil anything Everything about this movie was just perfect. The pacing, the music, I know I already mentioned the performances but the beats each character hits, hits home so amazingly! Ok. This movie. IS AMAZING!!!! Before I even talk about this movie, I’m gonna tell you that you NEED to do a marathon before getting to this movie. There are so many hints and nods to the past movies. Along with that, this movie is literally like a fan service to us, the ones who have stuck to this movie franchise over the past decade and a bit. The performances from everyone involved were at top level. There are minor plot holes, but honestly, this movie delivers so much to the fans that you genuinely don’t care, and I can tell you now, the last hour of this movie is the best cinematic piece in comic movie history. Hands. Down. And when it comes to cosplay, there is only thing i can say, and that is a huge thank you and congratulations. All weekend i’ve seen cosplayers doing what they love for the movie franchise they love and it has been to raise so much money for charities and it just shows how much cosplayers love to give back, not just to the community but to people in need as well. Bottom line. You need to stop reading this and go watch this movie! Like this:Like Loading... [...] Read more...
This remake centres around Harbour’s Hellboy working with his father Ian McShane and facing off against Milla Jovovich’s Numie who is an eternal living blood queen who wants demons and monsters to take over the world. Hellboy must beat her with the help of Sasha Lane’s Alice and Daniel Dae Kim’s Major Ben Daimio. A lot of people were a tad sceptical when a Hellboy remake/reboot was announced, however, the pictures of David Habour surfaced of him in the full Hellboy make up which raised all the excitement for the project! And so, the movie hit theatres with a lot of expectation! This movie took full advantage of the 18 rating, ramping up the gore that you would find in the comics. Now comparing this movie to the first Hellboy movie back in 2004, because of course it was gonna be compared, where the 2004 version opted for more storytelling and world advancement, this movie decided to shy away from more storytelling and went for adding more action. Most people do enjoy this but I personally didn’t like this. The movie was hindered by lack of story and some CGI that looked incredibly bad. This CGI looked better placed back in 1998 it was that bad. Now don’t get me wrong, David Harbour’s performance was brilliant, I was a tad unsure with regards to some of the prosthetics but in the overall look, they were amazing in the movie, its just a shame that some of the other effects seemed unfinished and the gore itself became a bit too much at some times. The movie was a fun experience to go see, I would suggest going for it but don’t expect an amazing movie. Now the prosthetics are amazing for Harbour’s Hellboy and I think some of the best body paints to use for cosplays would be a good thing to speak about. One of the best paints I’ve used is mehron, the amount of variety you can get is amazing and it seems to go on quite well. There are also many other products you can grab from other places, as long as you can grab some body paint setter that will help keep the paint on for longer. There are many cosplayers who have done some amazing Hellboy cosplays that have used some excellent paint! I can’t wait to see some more amazing cosplays using some stellar paintwork! Like this:Like Loading... [...] Read more...
how goes it fellow nerds, geeks and the like! Well you’ll be hearing alot from me this month, with quite a few films coming out, and a final season that I hope to review at the end. So let’s start with another installment from DC, after their very big success with Aquaman, Shazam! Shazam revolves around 13 year old, or basically 14 year old Billy Batson, who is essentially recruited by an old wizard and passes on his powers to him to protect the world against the 7 deadly sins and to carry on the legacy of wizards that came before him. Unfortunately, Billy runs into his first super villian in Dr. Sivana and has to take him down with his new found powers. I have got to say, this movie was really good, I feel like the DC movie universe has turned a new corner and has a new freedom with their movie making. Asher Angel who plays Billy Batson as his younger self had a great chemistry with the other young members of the cast, especially Jack Dylan Grazer who plays Freddie Freeman, who helps Billy as he takes on this transformation. Zachary Levi, i’ll be honest, I could never see as a super hero, and yet he handled it brilliantly! Showing the power that he possesses, while using his funny side to portray 14 year old stuck in a man’s body who has superpowers. Mark Strong who plays Dr. Sivana is very compelling as a supervillian. All in all, this movie was incredibly fun and lighthearted, while still maintaining a sense of danger and dread. The costumes from this movie are really awesome as well. obviously due to this movie being in production for a while, there have been many set photos and its been amazing seeing people’s take on how to do the lightning on Shazam’s chest! From using yellow foam, to people using the same kind of lighting mechanism that can be used. What is also amazing to see is using red puff painting to add the small design and details to the suit. Hopefully when a sequel comes, and oh yes, there most definitely has to be a sequel to this movie because it was great, hopefully we can see the long awaited debut of Black Adam, which can add to the cosplay list for alot of people! I genuinely suggest you go and see this movie, DC have finally hit their stride with their movies and hopefully they will continue get better with the freedom the directors have. Like this:Like Loading... [...] Read more...

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