Cosplayer of the Week: Willow Creative

I first discovered Willow Creative through Kialna, a previous star of our Cosplayer of the Week series (haven’t seen that one? Click here to read it). Also a dab hand at other kinds of art, Willow is certainly well versed in the world of cosplay, especially armour builds. I love how many WIP progress shots she includes on her page, which no doubt have helped other cosplayers figure out complex techniques.

Age: 24

Location: The Netherlands

Favourite food: risotto

Who or what first inspired you to start cosplaying?

My first cosplay inspiration was when I saw a couple Halo Spartan soldiers, and it directed me to a Halo building site with pepakura patterns. I started assembling these in paper mache. Even though that project never left my parents’ attic it didn’t stop me from continuing experimenting with my own costumes.

Bone Armour from Monster Hunter: World Photo by Jeroen Weimar Photography

What would you say is your favourite part of the costume making process?

The painting! Once you start painting you really see the colours and the costume come together.

What has been your most complex costume to date?

My most complex costume was my Demon Hunter, due to all the lighted parts, the animatronic wings and the first time I used 3D modelling and 3D printing was in this costume.

Do you have a dream cosplay you’d like to work towards one day? Can you use anything you learned from your Demon Hunter to help you with that?

My dream cosplay would be either Tyrael from Diablo or the Arbiter from the Halo series. They’re just super detailed and buff characters that I don’t match so I would be very limited in mobility if I were to build these. For techniques, it doesn’t really match the Demon Hunter, they have much more intricate and elegant armor and in the case of the Arbiter, also some SFX work that I haven’t tackled yet.

If you could give any advice to someone new to the world of cosplay, what would it be?

Watch, read and follow as many other cosplayers that interest you in the area you want to cosplay in. I learned so much by following other cosplayers and applying their techniques and tips. It looks very intimidating but starting something small yourself or even rebuilding something that another cosplayer documented their progress on, helps a ton. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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