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Who do I Follow

I spend a bit of my free time looking at a lot of photos to see what is good, why I like it and see if I can incorporate it into my style. Though I just end up just admiring their work, go into the shower, run the cold tap and cry.
This post is going to be very photography centric, both in photographers I follow or want to highlight, and photographers worth signing up to learn from.

Comic Con Photographer

Carlos Adama Photography

I find his use of lights just incredible and post editing is great. The angles, the look and feel of each of his photos are wonderful.

So Say You All

What can I say, his post editing work is just top work. When he tags me in his posts, I am torn of jealousy and wonderment of how he edit his photos so well.

Dominic Alexander Photography

Just another photographer with a great combination of great photos and post editing skills.

Anna S Photography

Besides being a helping hand for some (probably most) of my work, her style of “story-telling” through cosplay photography is just amazing. Something I need to learn.


This guy is a machine. He’s without doubt photographs cosplayer in the States and abroad, 24/7. I don’t think I’ve seen him take a break and he get to photograph so many people.

Photographer Inspiration

Peter McKinnon (IG)

I am signed up to Peter’s channel who gives me inspiration about photography style, techniques, great teacher of basic camera and more. There has been things he’s vlogged about which I now do myself.

Jamie Windsor

I from time to time, visit this guys video and listen to some great thought provoking topics in the world of photography.

Jessica Kobeissi

Another channel which does great tutorials and also discussion topic vlogs.

Mango Street

This channel does street photography which I wish to learn and do more and incorporate into cosplay.

Finding Photoshop skills

Well all I can say is, search on youtube. I don’t think I haven’t found a technique I wanted to learn via youtube.

I hope this has helped people discover photographers which will inspire other photographers.

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