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Cosplayer of the Week: Cosplay is Cool

Hailing from the south of England, Cosplay is Cool has done a brilliant variety of cosplays to prove that you truly can be anyone! From simple yet effective cosplays to a full blown Jack Skellington, this guy has it all.

Professor Umbridge
Photo by Cat&Crown Artwork

Age: 23

Location: Portsmouth

Favourite food: pizza

Mad Hatter
Photo by SRU Photos

Who or what first inspired you to start cosplaying?

I think what inspired me was my first ever convention to Eurogamer Expo and wanting to do cosplay as well.

What was your first cosplay? How does it compare to your more recent work?

My first cosplay was Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite and, compared to how I have grown and where I am now, it has changed dramatically. I’ve now extended to a lot more different fandoms and franchises.

P. T. Barnum
Photo by Food And Cosplay

What would you say is your most complex cosplay to date? What makes it so complicated?

I actually have two cosplays, each with their own complexity. One was Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. The main parts that were complicated were it was my first time working with foam and worbla to make the automail and it was a cosplay that was completely made from scratch so I was learning new things with sewing as well. The other cosplay is what I’m working on now which is a male Rose Quartz and it’s the first time I’m working with resin, 3D printers and electronics so it has a lot of new areas of cosplay that I haven’t worked in.

Edward Elric
Photo by Magenta Passion

What would you say is is your favourite part of the costume making process?

I would say it’s when I’ve finished a piece and see the finished result because it’s brilliant to see all your hard work and to see how it looks completed. I would also say, as I work on my cosplays with friends, it’s the community aspect of cosplay making as we all get to see how each of us are progressing and supporting each other.

Do you have a dream cosplay you’d like to work towards one day?

That’s a difficult one because I always try to pursue a lot of cosplays that I’ve done as soon as I want to do them. I would say that I’ve been able to achieve most of my dream cosplays but I always consider new cosplays dream ones! If I had to narrow it down, my ideal cosplay would be Syndrome from The Incredibles as he is a very well thought out villain.

Jack Skellington
Photo by Blake Retter Photography

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