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All about luck

With the whining I made in my last post about “reach”, sharing and posts not being seen, I will admit to something. That you can work hard on improving yourself, have such a great idea about a project, but at the end of the day it can be luck that your work takes off or gets noticed.

Don’t get me wrong, hard work does lead to people finding and popularising and everyone should keep on trying. Just don’t be hard on yourself if what you do isn’t seen by many.

I find on my instagram feed, people seen to be pressing the like button on the selfies I do rather then the photos I actually take. One day that trend will change.

I will continue to work hard, improving my technique, change photography style and one day my work to be featured in a major publication or hordes of likes on a photo. But until then, I will continue trying and wishing a bit of luck along the way.

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