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Venom Review

Tom Hardy in Venom (2018)

When Sony announced that they would be doing a Venom movie, a lot of people were very skeptical, mainly because of the origin of the symbiote would not come from the wall crawling, friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. This left me personally intrigued as to how this movie centering around this anti-hero would play out. So I went into this movie with an open mind and I left the movie, thinking the movie is … ok?

Let’s dive in! So this movie focuses around Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), who is an investigative reporter, who suffers some bad luck, linking to Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) and his ambition to use symbiotes to fuse with humans by any means necessary. This leads to Brock merging with the Venom symbiote, and then we see Eddie coping with this merger throughout the movie as well as Drake becoming more ambitious, but more crooked. Now I know A LOT of different reviews say it’s not good. I’m gonna be honest. I don’t think it’s THAT bad!

Tom Hardy in Venom (2018)

This Venom compared to the previous live action characterization we had before, is so much better. While, yes, the technology is so much better now then it was when Spiderman 3 came out, the fluidity of how Tom Hardy changes to Venom is really good. Tom Hardy’s performance is pretty good, but I can’t help but feel that the performance would be so much better if it wasn’t a movie that has a giant elephant in the room. Let’s talk about this elephant! A Venom movie with no Spiderman! Now they tried and they did well, but as a Spiderman fan, I just can’t help but feel like it was missing that factor.

Wayne Pére, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate, and Sope Aluko in Venom (2018)

Unfortunately, I can’t help but feel like everyone else’s parts were generic. Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake was generic bad guy who has evil methods to reach his personal ultimate goal. Michelle Williams played the generic girlfriend in a super hero movie Anne Weying. It’s frustrating because this movie was a lot better than I was expecting…….but at the same time, I feel like if you took Venom out of this movie, it would just be a generic action movie, so very ehhh. It’s worth a watch but you won’t be blown away.

Venom (2018)

Now To be fair, the design of Venom was really good, it reminds me of this video I once saw of someone who made a Venom helmet made from cardboard, paper and paint, which was really cool. It would be brilliant to see this used as a cosplay prep. I think it would good to use the same type of build for a Hulk or a Thanos cosplay to build Venom, or just eat a crap ton of protein and gain some major mass!

Venom (2018)

I always enjoy being part of the Spiderman community within the cosplay scene, having done Miles Morales cosplay and an Anti-Venom cosplay and I can’t wait to see more Venom cosplays at comic con. We are Starfish and we were ok with this movie…….but I firmly suggest you go check out the Venom Filter on Snapchat! That! That was awesome!

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