Why tagging, sharing, commenting is very important in our community

So, I think it’s occurred to must of us that, unless you are willing to pay or have a very dedicated following, your work/photo isn’t being seen by many people. It’s a trend now by these “social” media pages that they “sort out” what they want to show to you.

Back in the day

I remember a day when all my posts were shown chronological order and I saw every post. Now, I am lucky to see any post from my favourite people. I even get asked “do you still post things?” or “yeah I hardly see your work now”. We all know it’s these social pages using algorithm which is preventing our work shown to our followers. Even now, posting on Twitter and facebook, I’ll be surprised if anyone sees this.

A little experiment

So with that, how are people getting around this, well tagging the artist, model in post helps and then there is tagging other sharing blogs. But I have come to a realise that not everyone is willing to help each other. I do understand there is an “open” agreement, that if I get tagged in a post on Twitter, that is really asking “please share my work” which I am usually more then happy to do. But I did an experiment recently with the people who tag me, I tag them back and see if I get the same response back. You’ll be amazed that hardly any accounts retweeted my work, one even had the cheek to ask me to stop tagging them. I know that some blogs/accounts want to keeps their feed pure of their work, which is fine. But we should all be helping each other and help share work around, we are all in the same boat.

What can we do

Now, commenting and likeing posts also helps as it gives a real good indication of what people like and maybe produce more content for people to share.

I know not every needs to be share and has to be done on merit. This article by Ginny Di explains very well about sharing and algorithm.

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