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It’s always super important to be able to have someone to look up to and draw inspiration in all walks of life. Whether it’s a young asian girl seeing an asian superhero (which we still don’t have), or seeing another Cosplayer of Colour standing tall and cosplaying white characters, we all need someone to look up to.

When I started photography I always looked up to my dad, he’s been taking photos since he was 15 years old and started a paper route to save up for his first camera. Then it became my brother who got into the London School of Fashion as a photographer on the strength of his portfolio alone and is now sponsored by the top brands in the industry. There’s also my youngest brother whose wildlife photography made it onto the cover of a magazine before he turned 15 years old. My brothers and my dad have introduced me to a bunch of amazing photographers who I use to help inspire and push my photography.

I’m writing this article to show you the people who are not cosplay photographers who have inspired me to push my photography further

Von Wong

Von Wong always tries to tell a story and tries to create images that look like they’ve been photoshopped. I follow his YouTube channel and watch videos on how he achieves the looks that he gets.


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“We have one life to make a difference. Better start now. Please sign my petition ?

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Every day 142,000 computers are thrown away in the US. Want to win this print? Participate in our giveaway: #rethinkrecyclerevive #dell

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Irene Tudyk

I have been following Irene for a long, long time and I just love how she edits her portraits. I’ve used her editing tutorials to experiment with playing with different editing styles for myself. She also likes to challenge herself and go outside of her comfort zone like her recent dog shoot

Joel Sartore

I admire Joel for his abilities to capture subjects in a studio setting that are usually so challenging to shoot. I admire that he does it anyway despite how difficult it can be.


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This adorable brother and sister grey gibbon pair are Frodo, 16 and Samwise, 14. Frodo is described by his keepers as temperamental and impatient; Sammy is very sweet, patient, and inquisitive. Sadly, this species is listed as endangered by IUCN and is not very common in US zoos. According to IUCN, the population has decreased by 50% over the past three generations. These gibbons are threatened by reduction of habitat as well hunting by humans for food, use in traditional medicines, and the illegal pet trade. There are now too few in professionally- managed human care to keep their population sustained in the U.S. Thankfully, the self described “small but mighty” @millerparkzoo, where Frodo and Samwise were photographed, keeps these special siblings with great care.

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Keith Ladzinski


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Lofty sunrise over #Argentina’s Red Lagoon, the heart of #TolarGrande. Regrettably I only had a single day here, a place you could spend a lifetime at and one I hope to see again someday.

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Keith Ladzinski is one of the people who forces me to consider the environment when shooting cosplayers. They way he shoots landscapes are so interesting and really makes me think about how to incorporate it into my images

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