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Looking Forward, never look back!

I have this weird thing about my photography work and not too sure if other are like this, I don’t like looking at my own work…..I’ve taken in the past, let me explain.
I know other photographers like to go back on their old work and improve or test a new technique on a photo.  But for me, I kinda have two feelings about looking at my old work.  When I schedule my daily photos of my own work on Facebook/Twitter, I usually wait about three months from taking the photos to posting it online.  When I view my photos and mostly say to myself “what was I thinking when I took this photo!”, cause I always seem to learn something new, even small details, editing techniques, wished that I have learnt that technique sooner and processed that photo in a different way.
Sometime the learning process is ever growing and processing even during editing a photo as I contact the cosplayer/model asking them if this is ok?, most say it great but do get from time to time they would ask for an improvement of some sort like, changing eye colour, remove fray hair, remove tan lines, making the skin more orange (this one is more specific cases) which I did consider at the time, so learn the skill to make the necessary changes, but I know I should have learnt these changes sooner but that how I work and learn.
But on the other hand, I like that at that time of taking the photo and editing it, that was the height on for skills and couldn’t do any better with the skills I have.  It’s a way to track my improvement in my photos over the past months and years and I can see it.

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