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“Why no one takes my photo in my cosplay”

Every so often when talking to cospalyers at a comic con or on a private shoot, I sometimes hear, “not enough photographers take my photos” or “my cosplay isn’t good enough to take photos of”. But there maybe a simple reason to that which isn’t about not having a good enough cosplay.

Not knowing the character/Too many

One of the most common reason is that photographers don’t know the character.  We obviously don’t want to pose you in the wrong position or direct you into a pose which doesn’t suit the character. 
But hopefully with your prepared poses you have ready for the photographer, all the photographer has to do is get a great angle of it and snap away.
Something else to consider is seeing the same character at a comic con. I for one like to try and photograph a wide variety of cosplays at an event and I think other photographers are the same in this nature. This is why, having a unique cosplay, highly detailed costume or unusual variation of the character will help you stand out in a crowd.

Photographers Style

Another I’ve heard from other photographers is that there style of taking photo may not suit the costume.  It maybe that the photographer does a huge edit process, changing the background, adding touches to the cosplayer, adding additional layers.  Or the style of how they take the photos, not able to handle groups, big object such as wings, capturing action poses, etc.

Open Body Language

We as photographers have to gauge if the person “looks” like they want a photo.  Sometimes they are busy doing something, waiting for something, etc.  They look like they are not showing the “signal” they are not ready for a photo, photographers will either wait or move on and come back later.

Don’t Have the time

*This applies to me a lot
Some photographers at a comic con, run a schedule booking system prearranged so they are running between one appointment to another.  Depending on their schedule, maybe hard to fit you in or are able to grab one or two shots.

So, what can you do to get that photos from a photographer

  • You are more then welcome approach the photographer and ask if they can take your photo.
  • Build a talking relationship with the photographer, have a chat discuss things.
  • Keep an eye out for peoples schedule at a comic con. Even ask if and when it will be available to book them.
  • Plan an out of comic con, location shoot with the photographer. 
If you have any other tips or question, feel free to comment them below.

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