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Want to be a “Cosplayer of the Week” on Food And Cosplay?

We are always looking for cosplayers who need a little boost in coverage and reach.  If you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page that has 5,000 likes or less, drop us a message or a comment here so we can contact you to be featured on Food and Cosplay.

We also need the following conditions for you to be featured.

  • Accounts separately needs to be less then 5,000 likes
  • We prefer to use your Facebook as we can share your work easily from there
  • You’ll need to provide us photo was can use on our page
    • Must have at least 4 different costumes
    • Selfie photos are not allowed/can be included
  • You’ve been active within the last six months
  • Will be able to answer our little interviews

If you think you or would like to nominate a friend who satisfy our criteria, please contact.

Past Cosplayer of the Week

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