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Ready Player One Review


Who likes pop culture? Who likes easter eggs and references? Then you will love Ready Player One!

Now when I was heading to see this movie, I was a little worried because I have not read the book that this movie is based off of. But honestly I felt like this movie was a hell of a lot of fun!

Ready Player One is centered around Wade Watts, a teenager who, like the rest of the world, spends most of his time in a virtual reality game called Oasis, where you can pretty much do and be whatever you want. The movie starts where the creator of the game, has passed and has decided to leave three keys in the game and the first person to get all three keys will be the sole owner and proprietor of Oasis.


This movie was absolutely amazing, especially in 3D, and I’m not a real fan of 3D, there are a TON of easter eggs and references that do not just relate to games, but to movies and even music as well, but they don’t overshadow the story, which I was kind of worried about. The fact that all these nostalgia pieces are in this movie is one element that makes the movie brilliant!

The performances and voice work involved in this movie were brilliant! Tye Sheridan plays Wade Watts or Parzival and is a very endearing and approachable character. You really feel for the problems that he has had to deal with and you really cheer for him near the end of the movie. Olivia Cooke as Samantha Cook/Art3mis is an amazing female character, who is a character who has a lot of depth and is absolutely stunning with red hair…….yeah I have a thing for red heads, what nerd doesn’t?


Other characters include Ben Mendalsohn as Nolan Sorrento/Sorrento who is the main antagonist and CEO of IOI, who want to win the contest to take over the Oasis for themselves. T.J. Miller plays i-R0k who is absolutely hilarious and yet is a very daunting character.

Now with regards to cosplay, this movie is genuinely just a big bloody convention, with all the characters that you could think of to cosplay, just put in to make it amazing. But the main characters have some really interesting designs! Parzival and Art3mis have a few different costumes throughout the movie, as well as some characters like i-R0k and Aech are very intricate and I could see very difficult to pull off, because of how they look, if ANYONE could pull these off, I will buy you a chicken! The characters are really colourful, and look really stunning, so I genuinely look forward to seeing these characters coming to life!


But if you do cosplay Parzival from this movie, you have to do one thing for me! Gather EVERY cosplayer at the convention, and just do the biggest group shot that you could muster!

Great movie, great references, I will more than likely see this again for sure! Someone get me my own delorian so I can go see this beauty again!

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