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Cosplayer of the Week: Lupin Cosplay

We had a Dane last week and now, have another Danish cosplayer!! This week it’s the incredible Lupin Cosplay. I’ve seen her costumes up close as well as the beautiful pictures she produces and she just looks fantastic every time. She’s one of those cosplayers who looks good as both a male and a female, and it confuses the feelings of the Food and Cosplay Team.

Age: 28

Location: Denmark

What is your favourite food? Baked Potatoes with bacon

Photo by örg Ossenbrüggen

Photo by örg Ossenbrüggen

Let’s start with the fact you are a beautiful woman and make an alarmingly attractive man, especially as Fili. Why did you decide to cosplay Fili and how long did the costume take for you to make?

Why thank you so much for the tremendously charming compliment. I decided to cosplay Fili back in 2012 when the first Hobbit movie aired in the cinemas. It was when the second movie aired that my sister and I really started playing with the idea of trying to make the costumes for both of the dwarf brothers. We did it simply because of our love and affection to Tolkien’s universe, and the fact that these two characters really started to grow on us and suddenly as sisters we started to see ourselves in them. It might have roughly taken a year to complete them 100%. I say them, because we worked on them a lot together.

You’ve competed a lot around the world in competitions like ECG and WCS, what appeals to you about competing in competitions like this and what advice would you give to anyone who wanted to enter competitions?

I honestly don’t go into it for the shake of the competition – as that whole sense of that concept isn’t something I like. I participate in competitions for the simple joy of getting to perform with my costumes in front of a live audience. It is that whole thrill about sharing the love for a show or characters by more than “just” crafting and looking good – but essentially bring the acting point of view into the hobby as well, and really get to act out. With that, I feel very lucky and honoured to have been able to perform in so many countries.

My advice would be that people should do with cosplay what they want, make it a hobby to satisfy themselves in the way they find most appealing to them. Whether it’s crafting, performing, modelling, socially or a combination. All that matters is that one is comftable with what ever they choose to do. If it is in the sense that people want to perform, and how to make it into large competitions, then I would advise cosplayers to ensure that they compete with a costume & characters they are comftable with, that they put together a performance that they enjoy doing! Because if they you have the passion and have the heart to just let yourself go on stage and give the audience a full experience then it will be amazing for everyone.

You have been cosplaying for quite a while, how do you think cosplay has changed over the years, especially in the scandinavian scene?

I can’t say for sure for the sake of the whole Scandinavian community but I know that many people are actually trying out and taking larger risks when performing, especially with what I have seen on the Danish cosplay scene. People are really pulling out their most creative inventions, and I think the competition for representing Denmark in either ECG, WCG, CICAF, ECC and so on gets stronger every year.

If you could go back to when you first started cosplay and could give noob Lupin Cosplay a piece of advice, what would it be?

I actually don’t know – I have plenty of things I regret doing back when I was a new cosplayer. But honestly all those mistakes made me the cosplayer I am today, and I still think I have plenty to learn. So I ain’t done knocking myself on the head for mistakes and bad decisions.

Photo by N8e

Photo by N8e

Lupin Cosplay as Mako, Aigue-Marine Cosplay as Korra, Photo taken by Calssara

Lupin Cosplay as Mako, Aigue-Marine Cosplay as Korra, Photo taken by Calssara

Photo by Michael la-Cour

Photo by Michael la-Cour

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