Now for something different, AitchKayCee Photography

I’ve been busy with setting up a new, different photography website, similar to how I showcase my photography work here on Food And Cosplay.

The website is a mixture of photos ranging from fashion, portrait, latex, events, anything which I can take a photo at. Here are some examples what you can expect on my other website.

I’m slowly building up content on this website so bear with me with how often this will get updated but I’ll try my best to keep my website, Instagram and Twitter as populated as I do on here.

So, if you like my work and want to see more and alternative photography, then please give my other social pages a view and a follow. Links to them can be found below.

Website / Instagram / Twitter

About Eddie

Creator, founder of FnC and kidnappers of cosplayers at comic cons. Someone who stalks....*cough*...admire all forms of cosplay. And generally sees the fun side of things. Also have a slight obsession with Harley Quinn, only slight.