Eddie’s Projects in February

I just thought I update you guys on a few things.

So I planned to have many shoots in January done but many fell through due to illness, both myself and model.  I was so looking forward to be shooting both cosplay and non-cosplay projects.  I don’t feel let down cause illness is something you can’t plan for and therefore why should I get upset about that.

This February I’ve shot with Mojo Jones doing some street photography and then with Shirak Cosplay, shooting her X-Men Jubilee.  I haven’t shot with Mojo in a while and will be nice to shot some alternative stuff.

Mojo Jones
Mojo Jones at Camden Town Market

I can’t wait to Shirak Cosplay as she has been on my list to shoot with but never had the confidence to shoot with.  I have ideas about how I want to her Jubilee cosplay, it will be probably areas I have shot it but this way I will be comfortable.

Shirak Cosplay
Shirak Cosplay as Jubilee playing at the Arcades

I will be sticking to my plan of shooting in manual mode on my camera and see how I get on.  I’ll probably do a few shot in “aperture” priority mode to get into things and make sure I do get some photos pinned down before going “FULL MANUAL!!”.

I am always looking for more project to work with. So if you have something you like to shoot with me, please drop me a message on any of the social pages and we can discuss about it.


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