Cosplays We Like: Christmas Cosplays

With Christmas around the corner. We want to share some of the cosplays we’ve seen who have incorporate the christmas theme into their cosplay.  Enjoy the festive cosplays!

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Throwback to this super cute Christmas Moonie shoot, it's making me want to do another Sailor Moon cosplay soon… Photographer- @fearlessphotoworks Sailor Venus – @mina_p_chan Sailor Mars – @deannacosplay Sailor Mercury – me 😊 Sailor Jupiter – @rivenchan Sailor Moon – @misstristameioh Sailor Chibi Moon – @lillyums Sailor Saturn – @vegasailorcosplay Sailor Neptune – @bizriacosplay Sailor Uranus – @goodnightneu Sailor Pluto – @commander_mann . . . . . . #sailormoon #sailormooncosplay #christmas #christmascosplay #moonies #prettysoldiersailormoon #sailormars #sailorvenus #sailormercury #sailorchibimoon #sailorsaturn #sailorneptune #sailoruranus #sailorpluto #christmasmoonies

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So those are five cosplayers we like this week. If we haven’t featured you then don’t worry, maybe we just haven’t see it yet! If you’d like us to feature your cosplay just send us a message!

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