The Cost of Going to Comic Con

Over the last few months I’ve been reading more and more how going to a comic con in the UK is getting more expensive.  So I reached out to a few people to share their costs with me. Also details on costs of other events around. I’ll try and be consistent on the cost spent, so costs like food and merchandise have been excluded.

I want to make it clear that this article isn’t detailing which comic con event is best for the cost as everyone will have a different experience.  This article is to show how if you want to find an alternative comic con event, want are the costs for it.

Just want to thanks to the people who contributed this article, couldn’t have complied this article without your help.

MCM London

Even before MCM London was sold onto ReedPop, the early bird weekend ticket has been raising year on year. I’ve always taken the view point that, if you want your organisers to improve their service, more floor space, guests, exclusive vendors, etc, someone is going to have to pay for it. Recently MCM London have signed a lot of high profile guests from all media field such as comic artists, movie & tv guests, Critical Roll and many more, which may justified the price increase.

Hotel (Twin Room – 4 Nights) – £186 each person

Comic Con Tickets (3 days) – £68

Travel – £63

Total – £317 each person

Comic Con Germany

An event similar to MCM London, so anyone visiting this event will feel very familiar.  Again there’s a whole host of media guests that attend this event but it also has a stronger identity of cosplay guests as well. I did a review of this event via this link. The language barrier wasn’t an issue as most people spoke English but I added a few of my own *broken German phrases to help along.

Hotel (Twin Room – 3 Nights) – £125 each person

Comic Con Ticket (2 days) – £43

Flight from Manchester to Stuttgart – £99

Total – £265 each person


Viencon is more of a cosplay holiday event, then your typical comic con event. The event is held at Centre Parcs so you get such lovely park scenery to use and also, there is a swimming pool area which we were allowed to take photos in. Again, here is a link to the review we did.

Shared Home (4 people / 3 Nights) – £125 each person

Event Ticket (3 days) – part of the shared home cost

Flight from London to Eindhoven – £58

Additional Travel – £23

Total – £206 each person

New York Comic Con

If you are going to go abroad for a con, why not give NYCC a try.  The last time I went to this event, I went on my own, as for me it’s my personal favourite as I get to meet so many cosplayers in one event and the scale of cosplay is out of this world.  If you are going to go big, NYCC is one of the biggest you can turn up to. Check out the last vlogs I took of the event.

Airbnb (Single – 7 Nights) – £222

Comic Con Ticket (4 days / Single day tickets) – £165

Flight from London to NYC – £378

Additional Travel – £48

Total – £813

Japan Expo (in Paris)

This is an event I’ve not been to, but someone was kind enough to share their costs with us.  However I’ve been told that this event is bigger in every aspect compared to MCM London and also where the ECG Finals are held. We have got a review from someone who did go to the event right here.

Hotel (Shared – 5 Nights) – £150 each person

Comic Con Tickets (4 days) – £50

Travel London to Paris – £100

Additional Travel – £50

Total – £350 each person

As you can see the costs between events varies.  So before you book your next comic con event, why not give a serious thought to going to a different event outside the UK. There is no need to worry about language difficulties as modern technology can help you translate and most local people are able to speak English. So with a little planning and maybe getting your friends together, you can have a great time at a comic con and keeping costs low, no matter where you go.

Let us know what events you’ve been to and the costs for you to get there and back.

If there is any topics you like us to talk about, let us know via our contact page.

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