“Where are my photos?”

Guess how long it took someone to contact me to enquire about the photos I took of them after the doors closed at a comic con? *I’ll give you a moment to guess…….nope you’re wrong….3 hours it took someone.
Now, it rare for me to get messages asking for their photos. But when I do, I  politely tell them it’s way too early and also highlight to them the process I do to edit the photos and how many I have to go through. At times I have sent this meme to people.

I’ve always said, the work a photographer does is in reverse order to a cosplayer. E.g. Cosplayer’s hard word is done run up to the comic con and photographers is after the comic con has ended.

I have recently given myself a week break after a comic con before tackling the photos. But even with not having a day job, my edit process takes me about two weeks to edit MCM London from May 2018.

I am “lucky” that I can spend all day to spend sorting and editing photos but I know other photographers do spend all their free time from their work, social, real life issues and more to get photos out as quickly as possible. Everyone has different working practices and work at different rate so, just cause I have a turn over time of about 3 weeks to get photos done, doesn’t mean others can.

So, before you enquire with your photographer “Where are my photos”, ask yourself: have you given enough time to the photographer? If you are desperate for your photos, why not have a conversation about it, maybe invite an incentive to process your photos quicker, maybe buying them a drink/kofi, possible future projects, a specific photos for an event, etc.

Let me know your thoughts on this subject, if you agree or not. What advice you would give to others.


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