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Podcast #194 …MegaConLive Birmingham 2024 : Review…ish / Dear Diary March 24

Hello Everybody

This week, Ed talks about Reviewing MegaConLive Birmingham 2024 by discussing The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the event…ish. We recorded it on Instagram Live but I was not able to convert the audio into a podcast so there is a link to the recording if you wish to hear the review of the event


I’ve come across at least four instances where an artist spoke about the reality of the situation with the current financial climate and conventions, with the lack of spending, and expressing their own experience to their audience. And some random, who is iether not attending the same events, or feels onliged to make themselves look bigger, by putting down peoples experiences and feelings. Post what you want on your own space, but don’t go into peoples comment section and tell them how you are doing better. It just makes you a prick. 🤷🏻‍♂️

♬ original sound – Gilles Bone

I also take the time to “Dear Diary” my activities of the last few weeks and share details of those activities and thoughts on future plans.

Feat : Vaughan of the Dead Instagram & CJ Diddums Instagram

Music credit – Hotshot, produced by Scott Holmes

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