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Yes, Eddie is going to MCM London (October) and here how can you book a photo shoot with him?

Who’s going to MCM London in October time?…

It’s always exciting to know that I can get a pass from the comic con organisers. As some people know, I’ve been applying for press/creator passes for many years now and this event I have been fortunate to be granted a pass.

Regarding uploading my photoshoot schedule, I need to plan out the schedule I want to offer to people who want to shoot with me. I plan to release it on my website on October 5th at 6 pm.

Please Note : You’ll need to visit my website as social media will be slow to share the link.

Hopefully, by then most people will know if they are going to MCM London and what their cosplay lineup is. 

As always there are a few rules, please only book with me if you know what cosplay you want to shoot with me. Please pick a time that you can reasonably get to me. Also, I’ll need a way to contact you via any of your social media accounts, such as Instagram or Twitter. If you pick more than one slot, I have the choice to pick which one cosplay I like to shoot. This isn’t a reflection on your cosplay but I want to give everyone a chance to shoot with me at least once over the weekend. 

I just want to also say that, all my slots for photoshoots are free of charge. The event organisers have rules which prevent anyone from charging their time at comic con regardless of whether they have a press/creator pass or have general entry, you should not give money in exchange for photos. 

Taken from MCM / Reedpop Website

I look forward to everyone’s cosplays they are submitting for me to shoot at MCM London Excel. I love to see what cosplays people have, poses to think of and possible locations to shoot people. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact page or any of my social media pages. See you guys soon.

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