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Life Update : What has my 2021 been

It’s been another challenging year for me. 

With the pandemic still in full force at the beginning of the year to now, it’s been hard to attend any comic con events are they’ve been postponed throughout the year until the summer months where they started to open up and smaller events began hosting events and then the bigger organisers opened their doors to the public. 

With the lack of events, again like last year has been very hard to keep up with my social media trying to post photos within a reasonable time period that I’ve not already posted on my website but that task got harder and harder. Had to dig deep within my collection of photos to keep up. I’ve had one or two backlashes from people not liking me sharing older photos. Hopefully, by attending a few comic cons and having a new laptop to replace my broken laptop, new photos will be posted on my social media from 2022. 

I have had a few location shoots for both my food and cosplay brand as well as my alternative aitchkaycee brand to keep things touching over. It’s been a huge relief to be able to keep shooting, making sure my skills are still being pushed. I’ve had so much fun on these shoots, shooting with the likes of Purple Muffinz, Bekzxx, CeleryMoonDesigns, Nastaka Cosplay and Caelien. I’m still busy trying to edit all of those photos. 

I think it’s no secret that I’m very pro-vaccine and pro-mask-wearing in public. With the announcements of comic con events able to now nail down dates when they’ll host their events, I was hoping the organisers will do the right thing and make sure there is a covid policy with needing a covid passport or negative lateral flow test, sanitation stands, attendees needing to wear masks indoors. For the most part, the organisers such as REEDPOP they’ve had a great policy for the event which made going to the event feel very safe for me. Still, room to improve for REEDPOP when it comes to their event in Birmingham but overall had a great time over their two events. I did attend another event in the Midlands called Meanwhile which was held outdoors which again made the event enjoyable and reminded me of what I miss about going to a comic con. 

To events such as Showmasters London Film Comic Con and Wales Comic-Con, not having a covid policy really worries and bothers me as to me, these organisers have no consideration for their attendee’s health and safety. And for events such as Thought Bubble who implemented a policy that mask-wearing indoors was mandatory as well as other points, shows any event can implement a strong covid policy to have install a sense of safety at the event. 

From a personal mental health standpoint, it’s been tough. Very much up and down year similar to last year. Again, I’m very much a people person so not being able to meet and see different people on a regular basis such as comic-con, affected my mental well-being. I however attending these comic-con events and seeing friends throughout the year has really helped.

Also, a highlight of the year was going to the Shang-Chi film Premier in London in August. This premier was so much fun day out for me. Not only did I get to shoot photos with the cosplayers who were also invited to the premier, but I got to see the cast who appeared in the film. I have always dreamed to be at a film premier and not this has been ticked off my bucket list.

Another highlight is making all the podcasts “Ed Talks About”, where I get to talk to all my friends about topics either from the cosplay world, comic-con news and other things which interest me. I have to give a special shoutout to Natasha of Twisted Sisters Cosplay and Charlotte Woolrych Photography who are close enough to regulars on the podcast and contribute so much to the podcast. I have such a blast on the podcast with each and every guest, having a good laugh but also chatting over some serious topics. I do enjoy discussing a particular topic as it helps with understanding an idea I have and hopefully helps others as well. Another special shoutout to Well That Worked who constantly feeds me quotes to use on social.

I like to say I’ve had an enjoyable year. I like to think I have gotten through the year with a smile on my face, made new friends, created new photos, learnt a lot of skills from the re-edited photos and lots more. Any negative experiences I’ve endured doesn’t outweigh all the good I have experienced this year. Looking forward to 2022 and doing a lot more with people.

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This Friday 11th November saw the opening of MCM Comic Con Birmingham – the first time it hosted a Friday event – it was unsurprisingly pretty quiet, although it was nice to get an early look at the stalls without the usual Saturday crowds. I hope they continue the Friday start as it’s always good to stretch out a Comic Con. Plenty of families, fans and cosplayers filled the halls of the NEC with both Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th being fully sold out although on the day they felt busy but not overcrowded. This was despite a short guest list, especially compared to the London MCM show. The headline guest was Hellboy & Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman along with stars from TV, gaming and anime. While I don’t go to comic cons mainly for the guests, it would be nice to see a bigger guest list at the non-London shows. There were often long queues at the autograph area so the guests who joined were popular amongst attendees. The Tree House family area proved popular with different activities and events across the weekend – I almost wished I was a child again so I could join in with mask making and mug decoration. MCM Comic Con had something to do whatever your age! Wrestling guests are a common sight at MCM Birmingham and this year fans could meet WWE wrestlers Trish Stratus and Mickie James. So it was not too much of a surprise to see a new wrestling ring area at MCM Birmingham which hosted a number of wrestlers from Elite Wrestling Entertainment UK throughout the weekend. I’ve never been to a wrestling show and haven’t seen a fight in a ring since the Rock fought Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, it was interesting being ringside and watching up and coming stars from Elite Wrestling. From the reactions of most of the crowd, we were mostly all new to watching wrestling but it was well received and the true wrestling fans sitting near me cheered (& booed) loud enough to get the rest of the crowd going too. I caught a few matches over the weekend and would definitely grab a seat if they are back for another MCM Comic Con. As usual, there was a wide variety of cosplay from every genre including Marvel’s Moonlight, Disney’s Hercules, Top Gun’s Maverick and video game characters like this amazing glowing Ranni the Witch from Elden Ring. There were even a mix of custom cosplays like this TARDIS Manaloran with some great details. With lots of wide corridors and outside space there’s lots of room for cosplayers and photographers alike. The Live Stage played host to a huge variety of events over the weekend including Pub Quizzes, introductions to Qudditch, Steampunk, UFO’s, UK Horror and creating fan films.Cosplay Central had a variety of cosplay showcases to suit all ages and abilities along with tutorials about using technology, riveting, foam and how to make shoes. On Friday afternoon the Regal & Rustic Cosplay Met Gala added a touch of glamour to the Cosplay Central stage – I caught a glimpse of cosplayers after this show and it was quite amazing how they’d reinvented cosplays into a regal and royal style. Definitely a show to look out for the next comic con. I saw several of the Live Stage shows including Aida H Dee who provided us with the Drag Queen Story Hour. A dramatic and interactive reading of The Three Goats United story book. Children, parents and some confused cosplayers all joined in with cheers, boos & dramatic arm waving. The Drag Queen Story Hour often host events in libraries and cafes – well worth a look if you have children as they will be highly entertained! Another highlight of the Live Stage was the People’s Orchestra who started the day off with a chilled musical playing a selection of theme tunes from a mix of films & TV shows including a medley from The Avengers and The Incredibles. Many of the musicians joined in with the cosplaying including a few Minions, Frozen’s Anna, She-Ra, Mary Poppins and a few Time Lords. It was great to see the Live stage have such a variety and I’d look forward to seeing them all back on stage again. If watching shows isn’t your scene then you can enjoy some of the more interactive exhibits such as the gaming area which includes Dungeons & Dragons games, computer games and some more old school traditional wooden block games.For the the thrill seekers there was even axe throwing – don’t worry this was done within a caged area to keep shopper safe, although I daren’t have a go myself instead I shopped around with the assortment of shops include a mead stall, several earring stalls, more Pop stall than you could count, several geeky bath bomb stalls and a few new stalls including Rainbow Pixie Crafts who had selections of new designs for handbags, purse, dresses & leggings. It’s great to see new businesses emerging and getting new customers through MCM Comic Con. Overall it was MCM Comic Con Birmingham is a great day or weekend out with plenty to see and do – although I hope they improve the guest list for future events and keep the additions to the Live stage. Written by Eva of Handbag Cosplays Like this:Like Loading... [...] Read more...
Gritty Bunny : thebreezybiz Oh, I have an obsession with Gritty and absolutely love the chaotic mascot! To the point I’ve contemplated with my roommate to theme our bathroom with gritty colors, artwork and fuzzy bath mats. But I just love the chaotic energy of Gritty and I loved the idea of combining a mascot head with a bunny outfit for Dragoncon’s Bunny Hutch event. Haha, everyone’s reactions are usually the same: shock, disgust, confusion, love, lust(?), but by far the best thing to happen to me in the costume was at the Bunny Hutch Event at Dragoncon 2021. Someone gave me $10 and I started dancing immediately, the best $10 I ever made! I will also say that the costume is great for getting drinks at the sailbar since it’s kind of hard to not stand out! I have to give credit to my mom actually. She knew I loved anime and manga and saw that there was an anime convention happening while she was on a work trip in California. She went and picked up some posters and swag for me, told me about it and then helped me find my first convention: Animenext 2004. She mentioned that a lot of people dress up and that I should pick a character and cosplay them. That first one was Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2.What inspires me to keep going is the joy and connections I make through cosplaying. I love being able to dress up as characters with friends and have the ability to connect and make new friends because of those costumes. Follow Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...] Read more...

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