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Improving myself in 2021

Every year, I set myself a yearly challenge to help myself improve my photography so my skills doesn’t plateau or show no signs of improving. There is always something new in both cosplay and photography that can be learned each year.

This year will be extremely hard as with covid-19 restrictions being placed on the UK when I write, knowing what I can do will be hard to predict as unknown what I can do when restriction will be lifted.


As stated last year, I want to concentrate on improving my “Story Telling” in my photography. I’ve admire so many peoples work who seem to tell a story such as my friend Anna S Photography who took this photo below.

But recently, really have admire the work of Carlos Adama who has been creating work like this.

Experiment with self-photography

In the absence of the ability to travel and take photos, I want to set up a day in my home and take photos of myself and see where my creativity goes. I’ve been really inspired by Charlotte Woolrych self-photography and see if I can learn anything.

Not too sure if I will be uploading any photo from this project, but time will tell.


This is a repeat of last years challenge to myself.

I want to do more location shoots both cosplay and fashion shoot. I’ve started venturing out into different areas of photography with my other photography brand, AitchKayCee.

I feel like I should have promoted myself more for more location shoots over last year. I am going to share more photos I did shoot on locations over the years and remind people I can be hired for location shoots.

I also want to shoot in studios this year. I was fortunate enough to have shot photos Montrose Studio in Manchester and it was amazing. Just everything what I needed to learn and use at this studio. I hope to improve my skills in a studio environment.

To keep up with my progress, please follow me on my social media pages or posts on this website.

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