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Feature : DC FanDome

Just in case you missed it, DC Fandome dropped a lot of content for comic book fans to gaze at.

The event, aimed at fans of DC Comics, features online panels, cosplay, fan art and comics, as well as special events for kids. The devoted DC fandom will be especially excited for looks at some long-awaited DC properties.

Here some of the selected trailers from the event for you to feast your eyes on and possible inspire some cosplay from them.

The Batman

With the delay in production, they were able to produce a trailer like this from the little that was filmed already. This trailer showing Robert Patterison as the title character as Batman, rumoured to be following the Year Two of Batman on the streets of Gotham and looks like he is battling against the villian “The Riddler”.

The Suicide Squad – Sneak peek 

Ok, the First Suicide Squad wasn’t that spectacular. But this sneak peek at this behind the scenes look at James Gunn’s take on the franchise where he’ll bring his vision for the film and characters such as Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Rick Flag, King Shark, BloodSport, Peacemaker and Polka-Dot Man…..*did I just type that correctly?

There are some great characters there for potential cosplays for everyone to cosplay from.

Wonder Woman 1984

The anticipated sequel to the Wonder Woman film, Diane Prince. Following her activities in America set in 1984. Steve Trevor has returned from the dead and this time it’s Diana who is showing Steve the ways of the world.

With Barbara Ann Minerva being the nemesis of Wonder Woman, wanting to be the apex predator, like a Cheetah, overpowering the Amazonian Warrior.

Arkham Knights

Picking up where Arkham Knight ended, the heroes of Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Redhood have been given the task of looking after Gotham City left behind by Batman and not a moment too soon, as the Court of Owls seemingly also moving in to fill in the void, who will be trumipant.

There are some great designs for each character and all unique. Which cape crusader will you cosplay from them.

Suicide Squad (Video Game)

The second outing of the Taskforce X, where Amanda Waller has dropped the team in the middle of a war zone and it looks like our anti-heroes are fighting more than your regular villains, they are fighting a league of villains.

Black Adam

Though these are still preproduction artwork, you be inspired about the design of Black Adam and the strong look he has got going.

Justice League (Zack Snyder Cut)

And finially, the director’s cut of the film Justice League. Looks like we will get to see the famous black suit Superman outfit as well as the Justice League film played out as Zack envisioned it.

The theractical release split the fans when this film was first released. Hopefully this film will please fans with this cut as well as get people to cosplays from this film with either cosplayers updating their Justice League cosplays or even cosplayers inspired to build a whole new costume.

Disclaimer: all images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners.

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