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Feature : Getting Fit with EMKFIT

During lockdown, I have felt the pounds piling on and I knew I needed to do something to reverse that.

A friend sent me a few videos to workout when I mentioned I wanted to get fit at home and this channel from EMKFIT, hosted by Emily is just brilliant. I’ve been posting my post work out selfie on my Instagram Stories, as they are fun and manageable to do.

Emily’s workout routines are based HIIT/tabata, but she has converted traditional HIIT routine into dance movement. I have found her routine so much fun, the music selection is just great and does not feel like a chore to do.

Here is a sample of one of her workout routine which is based on “banging” tunes in the 2000’s.

If you enjoyed this and want to workout to more, head over to her Youtube Channel for more videos and subscribe to future videos.

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