Cosplay Documentary Kickstarter- Here’s The Plan…

Cosplayers are amazing. There I said it. These incredible people see a character that they adore and they recreate, sometimes with a twist, an entire outfit/costume in honour of this character. Not only do they sew/hot glue/rhinestone the cr*p out of their outfit, they then transform themselves into this character through some form of black magic spookery! It’s both mad and impressive!

It’s this sheer amount of talent that I’ve both witnessed and photographed over the last few years that’s given me the idea of creating a Documentary series about these creatives.

This series I’ve currently nicknamed “The People Behind Cosplay” (subject to change) would be an ongoing project where each episode would centres around one individual and showcase their talent, their process, their life, their journey, and their adventures. This could range from prop makers, wig stylists, foam crafters, photographers, ball gown makers, masquerade entrants etc. You name it, I want to document it!

Sound good and want to get involved? I hope so, because I REALLY want to get this project up and off the ground as soon as possible, so I’ve launched a Kickstarter to help get this project off the ground!

All the money raised – current goal is £2.5k – will be invested in this project. This will be able to provide film and audio equipment, editing software, travel, and any other hidden expenses that may crop up along the way. 

Okay so what’s the catch?” I hear you ask. Nothing. There is no catch. Any backers will have their names featured in the credits of the documentaries and all episodes will be free to watch on YouTube or any other social media platforms. 

This project is to celebrate the cosplay community and all the talent that goes into and behind it. If you’d like to get involved then this is the start. Back the project and let’s create something awesome!

For those interested in backing this Documentary series, this is the link you need!

Any questions or queries feel free to contact: Or give me a stalk on Instagram, shillphotography.

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