Feature : Sturmtochter being all Gaga

When a cosplayer takes on the task of being your favourite idol such as Lady Gaga, it’s no small task. Lady Gaga has worn so many iconic outfits, how do you decide which one to make. Well, Sturmtochter seems to have picked a very iconic one.

As you can see, Sturmtochter started with a family of Kermit dolls ready to strip the insides out. I can only imagine the horror it brings taking out all the stuffing out of the dolls.

The materials alone as you can see costs $300. But it looks great on the mannequin with all the Kermits in place.

Sturmtochter shows us how it looks on her and it looks amazing. Especially with the one Kermit head on her head.

These photos were taken by Azur Seven shows the uncanny likeness to Lady Gaga in the Kermit outfit.

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