The Joy of being Shared

There are occasion when my phone lights up with a notification, I smile.  That occasion is when I get a notification that someone has tagged and shared my work.

I love to see all the tagged photos I get notified on my instagram page. Just seeing all the people whom I have met, worked with and who wants to share my work.  It really does bring me joy on those who share my work on all the social media pages such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and event patreon.

I have a belief that one reason I enjoy seeing my photos being shared, is that I made good photo.  Good enough photo that they liked it enough to share amongst their friends, family and others who like their work.  If i didn’t make a good enough photo, then they simply wouldn’t share the photo.

So not only it’s a vindication they like the photo but also they like my work enough they feel happy enough to share it with other people.

I forgot to mention that the reason for this post because, Joker’s Harley did this lovely post on all her social media pages about the photos I’ve taken of her with such a lovely message.  It’s moments like this which really helps me keep going.

To all cosplayers who I have taken photos of, do not forget to tag me so you can bring a little smile to my face.

Don’t forget, if you had a photo taken by Eddie, tag him on social media.

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