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It’s work, but it’s an adventure too by Candyylocks Cosplay

Location shoots are a perfect way to spice up your Cosplay and modelling portfolio, especially if, like me, you do a lot of studio shoots. Having more diversity in your photos is really eye-catching and a lot of fun.

Eddie, Food and Cosplay, and I have been wanting to shoot my Marvel Comic’s Anti-Gwenom Cosplay for a few months now – we just needed to find the right location. We both loved had the idea of shooting in front of graffiti but wanted a fresh place to do it in.

The Graffiti Galleries in Uxbridge is an excellent location for Cosplay or modelling photography; the graffiti is constantly changing, allowing for lots of choice of backgrounds. It’s large, looming and beautiful. I had found it through people I knew and seen photos of it on Instagram. I had the address, an idea and a photographer. Time to go.

Now, for context. The location is underneath the high way. So, when you have the address, it takes you to the middle of that highway, and you can’t actually get to the location unless you decided to jump off the side.

It was certainly an experience trying to find a way to get to this spot and eventually we took off on foot. Muddy roads included. Crossing bridges, getting directions from people we passed, wandering into a creepy looking trailer home area with CDs hanging everywhere and trekking through high grasses but we found it and it was so worth it. It was even the only sunny day we seemed to get this week between the angry winds of Storm Freya.

The location was under the highway, the high ceiling plastered in all different colours. The sun was shining, we got some brilliant shots in. As we were shooting, a nearby couple were spraying their own artwork onto the walls and their use of colours was incredible! Once it was dry, we shot in front of it – the artist was very happy that we liked his work! We even discussed a possible idea involving paint… Future collab maybe?

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