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Aquaman Review

Jason Momoa in Aquaman (2018)

Happy new year 2019 to all of you lovely readers. I genuinely hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new years. I have most certainly been busy, which is why this review is a little later than should be, apologies for that, but let us talk about the superhero movie that is on everyone’s lips, Aquaman!

Jason Momoa in Aquaman (2018)

Now considering the past outings from Warner Bros’ and DC, it has split people down the middle, some saying that the movies were not a great effort and that DC are trying too hard to push a franchise that hasn’t been built up, others saying they enjoy the difference in what is out there to watch and the movies are good. Personally I genuinely can’t get over “MARTHA” and the glaring stupidity in a certain moment in JL. Either way, there is a want from the fandom to have DC movies striving for brilliance so that there is more on the market than just Marvel… scratch that, Disney.

Jason Momoa and Amber Heard in Aquaman (2018)

Aquaman comes out of the box with a fresh feel for DC. The story centers around Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa……I will grant 30 seconds for you to think of him before continuing with the review because I’m going to……ok back to it), a man born of both worlds, father of earth, mother queen of Atlantis. As Arthur grows up wanting nothing to do with the under water world, he has to face his destiny as his half brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson), looks to take down the mortal world by uniting all 7 factions of Atlantis. Mera (Amber Heard…….dammit stop daydreaming about the beautiful people) and Vulko (Willem Dafoe…….that time I was thinking of him as the Joker) hope to lead a coup by helping Arthur find the lost trident and claim his birthright as King.

Patrick Wilson in Aquaman (2018)

This movie, like I said before, is a nice bit of fresh air for DC as with the different stories flying around that the DCEU isn’t technically a universe and more of an assortment of stories, this movie has been able to take the time to really delve into the character and story. The main plot, while basic, really helps to focus the characters and drives a brilliant narrative. Because of the nature of the character and his backstory, you can tell the filmmakers had a lot of fun with the imagery and scenery which can also be credited to something else they did: flooded the movie with a ton of colour! Now there have been others that have said this movie draws from Black Panther and Thor but I don’t want to compare. I think, while yes taking queues from those movies, the filmmakers had an opportunity to really play with what they wanted to present. With the main scenery not being limited to a place on earth, they could go straight to the comics and have a play with the different designs and what they could realistically bring to the screen.

Nicole Kidman, Temuera Morrison, Tamor Kirkwood, and Tainui Kirkwood in Aquaman (2018)

The performances here are brilliant as well. Jason Momoa, gave a brilliant performance and really showed off how much fun he had being the character. Amber Heard was also really good as well, having some brilliant dialogue with Momoa as well as Wilson and played off them brilliantly. Willem Dafoe was great, and will always be great in whatever he is asked to do, playing double agent really well. Patrick Wilson was fantastic, you can really feel for him, the notion that he, as a full atlantian, should be the true King and will stop at nothing to achieve greatness, while at the same time being driven to be the best son for his mother. I’m gonna say it, it was a nice way to have the mother being a driving factor for the two characters, destined to face off, without it resulting to “hey my mum has the same name as yours, all is forgiven!” Standout for me though, even he didn’t get much time was Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Manta or Black Manta. With what little time he had, he was able to show a credible opponent to Curry and sets up for a sequel that will build promisingly on their on going feud.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in Aquaman (2018)

The clothes and suits displayed in this movie WERE. ON. POINT! From Aquaman’s final form, to Black Manta and even Orm when he puts his helmet to become Ocean Master, they were incredible to be realized on the screen and fangirled quite a lot when they all appeared! What’s even more amazing is the amount of effort I’ve already seen cosplayers going to, to make these costumes. Using incredibly tiny pieces of foam to make Aquaman’s suit, puff painting to make Mera’s suit stand out and its nice to see even a Black Manta cosplay recently which looked incredible. With the new year upon us, I’m so excited to see some of the amazing cosplays that will come out this year! Let’s get this year rolling baby!

Aquaman (2018)
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