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Copying or being inspired from someone else

For a few months now, I have been thinking that the work I do, I am just copying someone else’s work? Let me guide you what I am talking about.

The Research

For those who don’t know how I work, I do a bit of research before a shoot where I can.  This research is usually going to google image, entering key words and then create a document of images I like, where it is poses, artwork, scenes from the franchise, movie posters, other photographers etc.  With this document I find it easy to show them the pose I want to archive rather then demonstrating the pose.

But I am copying straight from other people’s work? I would have to say, yes I am but also I do say to the cosplayer I am working with, “I don’t need the exact posing, just a rough positioning” as we all know that some poses are just impossible to do.  I have enquired with some artists if I can use their work as inspiration to create a photo version, and they have said yes.  I do credit where the original inspiration comes from where possible.

Trying not to copy

I do try and not directly copy the pose and change some parts to give a bit more distinctiveness to it, but I do say, a lot of my work is influence of others peoples works.  For me, I look at a lot of peoples work to see what I like and works and take that into my work process. 

I think what I am trying to say is, there isn’t nothing wrong copying (wait for it) as long as you credit or say where the inspiration comes from.  I sure if you look through the years, people have been using others people work for inspiration, I mean, cosplay is just a copying of work from original source to costume. 

Comment how you feel about what I just said, do you agree, should I change my working practice.  Love to hear from you guys.

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