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What annoys Eddie the most…editing without permission

Just to give you a bit of background to myself. I took up photography about 5-6 years ago and been steadily improving over the years picking up tips and tricks along the way and also passing on what I know onto others.

Lack of Watermark

During this time, things which didn’t matter or bother me such, now does. An example, at the start I didn’t add a watermark on each photo until I found it on a site which didn’t credit me but there was no way to really prove it was my work (see photo below taken in 2012). So from that day, I started added my watermark. Velma Cosplay by Gina B Cosplay.

Velma by Gina B Cosplay

Road to learning

But over the last few months, what really has bothered me which caused that massive rant post you can see at the top of this post, is the number of people who edit my photos. Let me say this now, I DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO EDIT MY PHOTOS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. There are only a few occasions where I have given permission.  As I mentioned I am still learning my trade and need to know what I need to look out for to edit out or improve in a photo. I personally like to keep to the original look as possible but I do understand a bit of skin smoothing, taking out the bumps and slight tuck here, gives the cosplayer/model a confidence boost. But I would like to be told of this so i can improve my skill or learn a new skill. I don’t like when I discover that the cosplayer has taken upon themselves to edit the photo without telling me, even though I have said to them “Please let me know first if you want to edit the photo”.

I am not saying I’m great at editing everything correctly and I will admit I do miss things every so often, and this is why I appreciate people letting me know of area they like edited, so I know for future reference.

For what I do, basic editing as I call it, I spend between 10-30 mins just to colour correct, crop, and adding radical/gradient filters to the photos. For everything else, I have to put it through Photoshop. I know 10 minutes isn’t a long time but at a comic con weekend, I have to filter through over 2000 photos and then process each photo individually, which takes me a few days to get through them.

One of my edits

As you can see below, with a recent photoshoot with Squeakehb as Livewire, the image on the left is the finish photo and the right is the original. This is the level of editing I am comfortable with, before going into major composite editing. It was great to see people like Sqeukahb sharing this photo as I presented to her.

Instagram filter and anything similar

Instagram filter……again, I do not like it. It’s the same principle as of changing the photographers original version of the photo. I really don’t think its that hard to ask the photographer if its ok to edit or add filter on top before it goes out. But saying that, I think most photographer will like to have their work as it was presented to the cosplayer.

I hope this gives a bit of a insight into why myself and other photographers get annoyed when their work gets edited without permission.

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