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My Photo Projects (June 2018)

Didn’t get to do many projects in June due to the fact that I get stricken with hay fever so which meant I couldn’t do much but also was editing all the MCM London Comic Con photos I took at the end of May.
I had a booking with Candyylocks Cosplay who wanted to shoot her Picolo inspired Starfire cosplay. There was something when discussing she wanted, was to shoot in an american diner. So I hit the internet and searched for a nice diner in the London area and found the wonderful and decorated diner of Waffle Jack’s American Diner in the Wimbledon area. I spoke with the diner’s owner who was more then happy for me to shoot at his establishment.
Candyylocks Menu
We traveled down Monday morning to Wimbledon area and just our luck that they decided to have a spring clean day which for us meant the we had the diner all to ourselves and could get some great shot without disrupting their customers base.
One thing Candyylocks kept doing, was leaving a trial of orange paint all over the diner, I’m joking but it was fun watching her trying not to leave ‘her mark’ on the establishment. As always, I did my research on the poses I wanted, but sometimes when you are at a location, other ideas come to mind and the shot below was one I loved as I could see very clearly how I wanted the photo to look.

This diner was so easy to shoot in. You can’t be but inspired to make such creative photos in a diner like there’s.
Should you want to shoot with me of any of your cosplay, please drop me a message.
If you like to look at any of the photos I have taken, please you can find them on the following links, Website / Twitter / Instagram / Patreon / Facebook
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