My Photo Projects (April 2018)

I thought each month I would put together a post of all the projects I done in the month with some bonus photos where I can.  April saw myself  shooting a Persona 5 pairing, two fashion-esq shoot and a studio shoot.Persona 5 shoot with Jia-Li and Kissomi as Ann and Matoko was shot in a Studio in Brighton.  It’s a fandom I don’t know much about but they were guiding me throughout the day.  I have was pushed to my limit of editing skills to get the photos they wanted which really helped me improve me skills.

After this, I did a fashion shoot with Twisted Reality Arts and Isobel who wanted photos of her hair for her stylist and photos for music portfolio respectively.  This type of shoot, I thought was a perfect opportunity to try out a new editing technique, which I discovered split toning.  This gave photos a slight ‘instagram’ feel to them.

The last project I was involved in, I was invited to a studio to use as long as I brought a model with me and for months been wanting to shoot with Brogan Cosplays and we decided to shoot an array of her black cat and Spider-Man cosplays.

Needless to say, I have so much fun and also learnt so much about photography and editing.  I can’t wait to show you what I got up to in May.

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