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Cosplayer of the Week: Itazura

It’s not unusual to find cosplayers that often work together, or even those who work almost exclusively as a duo, but to find a threesome that gel together as well as Itazura do is truly a rare delight. Having been cosplaying together for nearly a decade, they’ve placed in plenty of national and international competitions, and it’s not hard to see why!

Kim Possible, Shego and Dr. Drakken
Photo by Natascha Rammelmüller

Age: Sabaku – 22. Zero – 21. Ichiraku – 17.

Location: Lower Austria

Favourite food: pizza!

Korra, Asami Sato and Bolin
Photo by A&B Photography

What’s your favourite part of the costume making process?

Getting it finished!

Your costumes all look quite complex, what would you say is your most complicated group costume to date?

Kingdom Hearts! Our Ventus, Aqua and Terra cosplays were extremely complicated to make.

Terra, Ventus and Aqua
Photo by Melenea Photography

How do you decide which costumes to go for as a group? Do you all have quite similar tastes?

We actually like the same things, so it’s easy for us to decide.

Zero and Yuki
Photo by Alasdair D’Arc

What advice would you give to a new cosplayer who is just starting out?

Try to use make up and don’t give up easily, the most important thing is fun!

Anna and Elsa
Photo by Catrina

Do you have a dream cosplay as a group that you’re working towards?

Actually not, we have many plans we love!

Ariel and Eric
Photo by Melenea Photography

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