Cosplayer of the Week: That Cosplay Couple

That Cosplay Couple are fantastic couple of cosplayers who cosplay couples!! Surprise surprise! They have been friends of Food and Cosplay for ages so when someone nominated them we were delighted to feature them as Cosplayer of the Week. The pair were awesome enough to take some time out to answer some questions for us!

Age: Dan is 22, Rachel is 21

Location: Essex, UK

What is your favourite food? Dan: burritos, Rachel: Sake Nigiri sushi

Photo taken by GAK Photography
Photo taken by GAK Photography

As a couple that cosplays have you found that cosplay has brought you together more? Do you sometimes have to coerce the other into cosplaying something with you?

Dan: We think cosplay has brought us together a lot, it’s made us stronger as a couple working together to reach and finish costumes on time without any conflict of ideas. Some costumes we have done for each other but majority of all our stuff is out of a mutual love for the source material/ character.

When you start making a costume who does most of the work? How do you guys go about splitting who does what for the costume?

Rachel is the seamstress and Dan is hands on and build the props and kits usually. Since we started building costumes about three years ago and say the amount of work varies from project to project because some may require more prop stuff and others more clothing so it’s about equal.

What has been the most tricky technique you have had to master so far?

Dan: My personal hardest technique is working with matrial that I have never worked such when we started with foam and soon to be worbla.

Rachel: My hardest technique has been adding non sewing materials into projects, can sew spandex easily, tell me it needs garden wire stitched in to help it defy gravity to be reference accurate and I have to work harder.

Photo taken by Eddie from Food and Cosplay
Photo taken by Eddie from Food and Cosplay

What would be your dream cosplay to do and why?

Dan: My dream cosplay has to be my deadpool 3.0 because of what I have planned and how much work I am gonna put into it.

Rachel: I haven’t found my dream cosplay yet, I get really excited about all cosplays but I haven’t got one at the moment that I want to do more than any of the others I’m thinking of

What advice would you give to new cosplayers?

Rachel: Learn what your working style is, I can’t work on a cosplay with one week till the convention, I like to get most if not all of it done at least a month before it will be worn. Understand your way of working and remember to breathe and take breaks if you are getting frustrated

Dan: And advise I would just say constantly challenge yourself to try new things even if it goes totally wrong it’s ok to make mistakes you;’re human also always has a cup of cold water when using hot glue because that stuff hurts like hell.

Photo taken by James Bissett Photography
Photo taken by James Bissett Photography
Photo taken by Eddie of Food and Cosplay
Photo taken by Eddie of Food and Cosplay
Photographer unknown
Photo by Eddie of Food and Cosplay

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