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Cosplayer of the Week: Timeforlemontea

From the frozen lands of Norway, which aren’t really that frozen at the moment, comes Timeforlemontea. She is probably one of my favourite cosplayers so far just for her name but we picked her for her incredible costumes and beautiful photos. Looking at some of her costumes is a feast for the eyes and on top of that she is just the loveliest lady you will ever meet!

Age: 23 years old

Location: Trondheim, Norway

What is your favourite food? Fried Chips

you have done a few re-imagined versions of characters (post apocalyptic Aurora, gender bent Frozen), what appeals to you about re-imagined characters?

Re-imagining characters are fun because you get to really understand the mindset of the character better than simply making the costumes. You have to think how to fit a character to a new setting and how they would be influenced by the said setting. And it’s perfect for group-cosplays.

Your Cersei costume is stunning, what was it like sourcing and patterning the costume? Game of Thrones costumes tend to be a bit tricky.

Thank you very much. I have actually made two of Cersei’s red collar-dress, you learn from your mistakes. With a little help from a friend I constructed all of the patterns from scratch and it was a pain to work out.

Photo by Starbit cosplay

Photo by Starbit cosplay

All your costumes are quite complicated, on average how long does it take you to make each costume and which has been the most complicated one for you?

Yeah, sometimes I don’t understand how I got through some of my cosplays. Most cosplays I’ve made have taken between 2 and 6 months, depending on the amount of work. I have no such thing as a simple cosplay. My two most complicated cosplays are Lucrezia Borgia and Cersei Lannister, for completely different reasons. The structure and interface of my Cersei-Dress is by far the most intricate I have, but you can’t really see it on the outside. In visual detail Lucrezia is easily the most complicated one, also since the sleeves of that renaissance-dress had to be made by hand.

You come over to the UK sometimes for conventions, what are conventions like in your own country compared to the UK?

I prefer conventions in the UK to be honest, they are bigger and tend to have a more focus on cosplays than Norwegian ones, with some exceptions of course. I have the impression that people tend to appreciate all the work behind cosplays more in the UK, but that might be because the difference in number of attendants, of course. I was recently at a convention in my hometown, Torucon in Trondheim, and I think it’s the best convention in Norway because it has the same sense of community I feel when meeting all my cosplay-friends in the UK. No matter if I’m in Norway or London, the cosplay-community is super-including of everyone!

Geralt of Rivia by OSRG Cosplay, Ciri by Timeforlemontea, Ciri's Belt by Print My Props, Photo by DRportrait

Geralt of Rivia by OSRG Cosplay, Ciri by Timeforlemontea, Ciri’s Belt by Print My Props, Photo by DRportrait

What has been the most tricky technique you have had to master so far?

The most tricky technique would have to be worbla to be honest. I have always been making fabric-cosplays, and only recently started working with worbla for my Ciri-cosplay from The Witcher 3. I only recently started using leather as well, but that was so similar to fabric it was no problem, but shaping and working with worbla is so very different then what I’m used to, and I still need more practice.

What advice would you give to new cosplayers?

Don’t you give up! We have all been there. We have all had crooked seams, questionable choice of fabric, and no cosplay-pages on Facebook. Please! Hang in there, and include yourself in the community, ask for help and make friends. Cosplay has given me friends all over the world. Personally, seeing your skills improve, and becoming better at what I love is the best motivation I could dream of. Level up!

Also hurry up and make your Fluer Delacour, it will look awesome!

And I will make Fleur Delacour one day, I promise!

Photo by Starbit Cosplay, other cosplayers not sure.

Photo by Starbit Cosplay, other cosplayers not sure.

Anna cosplayed by Timeforlemontea, Elsa cosplayed by Santatory, photographer not known

Anna cosplayed by Timeforlemontea, Elsa cosplayed by Santatory, photoby Starbit Cosplay


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