Treating your Hotel room like home

We came across this post on facebook and about how they left a hotel room after they have used it and feel as we use hotels, airbnbs or other means of guest house, that we should leave the room as best as possible, not create “extra” work for housekeeping who have lots of room to clean each room on limited time.

I've seen con attendees leaving their room like crap for housekeeping to clean… (As opposed to regular hotel customers…

Posted by Minh-Nhat Bui on Sunday, September 23, 2018

We are going to list some of the suggestions you can do before leaving your hotel room.

  • Clean the room before leaving.
  • Strip the bedsheets, duvet and pillow covers, and place them in the dirty pile.
  • Put the dirty towels in one pile. If it can be placed in the sink so that housekeeping can easily pick them up.
  • Leaving one bag of trash.
  • Used soap, shampoo, conditioner, (even just mostly empty) toilet paper roll, single-use cups, and their packaging go in the garbage.

We’ve all heard stories who have “trashed” their hotel room. Some people might think, it their job to clean up the room during and after use. But there is reasonable mess and clean up which is expected from housekeeping.

The more that we become irresponsible for the mess left behind, this will probably lead to hotels either increasing the costs to cover extra cost or damages or banning from future use of the hotel.

Extra footnote, please only have the maximum of people as said by the hotel. There are good reasons why they have maximum occupancy for health and safety reasons.

If you have other suggestions which other people should know about, please let us know.

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